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What is Weight School?

  • Weight School is a 90 minute small group seminar specifically designed to teach you how to achieve your ideal weight and get in the best shape of your life. 

Why was Weight School created?

  • Weight School was created out of demand. Many of my own clients wanted to lose weight, but I lacked an efficient way of teaching them the tools, habits and concepts that were necessary for them to learn. This is my best work, offered in a short distilled seminar.

Who is Weight School for?

Weight School is for anyone who...


  • Is currently struggling with their weight.

  • Wants to lose body fat.

  • Knows what to do, but just isn't doing it.

  • Has felt like they have tried everything and simply does not know what to do.

  • Is looking for a long-term solution for optimal weight and health management.

  • Wants to get in the best shape of their life, but may not necessarily need to lose weight.

  • Has questions regarding nutrition.

  • Needs help knowing what, when, why and how to eat specifically for their own body.

  • Is looking for an alternative to a quick fix program.

I just want to be healthier and don't want to lose any weight, can I still benefit from Weight School​?

  • YES! All of the tools and concepts taught during weight school will help anyone regardless of whether or not weight loss is a desired outcome.

What results can I expect after participating in Weight School?

  • It is common for most people to see gradual long-term weight loss and body composition changes after attending weight school.

Is Weight School a diet/meal/supplement plan that I follow?

  • No. Weight School is specifically designed to do two things. Teach you how to change your own behavior and give you a specific strategy that will allow you to achieve your desired results.

Where is Weight School held?

  • Structure Fitness Studio 

  • 656 Main St. East Aurora, NY 14052

  • Located on the backside of Main St. next to Paws in the Pantry

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