The 4 Most Common Culprits For Lack of Fat Loss

In this post I will be sharing with you the 4 most common culprits I see that prevent people from changing their body composition.

1) Poor/Lack of Sleep

Think of sleep as the body's main way to recover. If the body does not get adequate time to rest and recover, the consequences can be quite drastic. Mood gets worse, energy gets lower and yes, weight loss can be hindered. Root causes of poor sleep can range anywhere from too much blue light exposure at night (from screens) to too much mind chatter right before you go to bed.

Try to create an environment that is very dark, cool and has minimal tech. Other solutions such as waking up earlier, reading a book and even using a topical magnesium may help improve your sleep.

2) Too Much Stress

Stress can be found in 3 forms. Environmental (exhaust from a car or low quality food), Emotional (how you interpret what your boss said to you at work) and Physical (how hard you worked out at the gym). Stress is not a bad thing, it is when we have too much stress that ends up causing negative effects.

Become aware of your most common stressors and simply practice on dialing them down. Eat higher quality food, examine and question your own thinking around what your boss said at work and perhaps adjust your hard core workouts so that you aren't feeling too beat up when you leave the gym.

3) Nutrition

Many times our lack of progress can be boiled down to what, why and how we eat. Eating low quality food, Eating too much and Eating too fast/distracted are some of the most common reasons why we can't lose weight.

Focus on eating higher quality food, eat when you are physically hungry and stopping when you are full and eating slowly at each meal in order to see a change in progress.

4) Lack of Movement

Notice, that I did not say exercise. Our bodies are designed to move. By not moving we do not put a demand on our metabolism to operate how it was designed to nor do we put a demand on our joints to stay healthy and pain free.

Walk. Walk. Walk. You can not do too much walking. This does not mean going to the gym. Find ways to inject movement throughout your day. And yes this still can be done if you have a desk job.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here.

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