What To Do If You Know You Should Be Eating Vegetables But Don't Like The Taste Of Them

Most of us know we should be getting more servings of vegetables in our diets, but we tend to fall short when we try.

The main reason?


When I get to the root of why clients don't get adequate amount of veggies in their diet, it usually boils down to that they just don't like the taste of them.

And with good reason.

Most veggies tend to have more of a bitter, bland or nothing taste to them. Making them less appealing to eat. Even though, deep down, we know they are healthy for us and can help us lose body fat.

So if you are one of these people, what should you do?

A couple of things.

First, the preparation of the vegetable is critical. Some veggies taste way better cooked than they do raw. For me, broccoli would fall into this category. Steamed yes. Raw no. Others may actually be the opposite. I like the taste of raw carrots better than I do steamed carrots. Rather than disregarding the veggie right off the bat, try it in it's opposite state (raw or cooked) then make a decision on whether or not to incorporate that food into your routine.

Second, we don't always necessarily need to eat veggies by themselves. Salads, soups, scrambles and shakes are 4 ways to add vegetables into your diet without having to eat them all by themselves.

Third, if you find that very few vegetables actually work for you, then you can try getting the same nutrients found in vegetables through using a supplement. A Greens supplement can be a great way to do this.

I like Sunwarrior's Super Greens Mint Flavor.

There is always a solution to this type of problem. Becoming a detective around your nutrition, rather than a dieter, is the first step towards finding the solution that works for you.

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