The One Skill You Must Acquire For Long Term Health Success

The skill that we all need to develop and acquire is...

The ability to learn how to spot a bias.

If we can do this, we will save ourselves so much time being spent feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

So, what exactly is a bias?

A bias is an optional way of thinking that you or someone else may be partial to.

Key word being optional.

Here are some good examples of nutritional biases that people may have.

  • Carbs are bad for you

  • Everyone should eat breakfast in the morning

  • Long duration cardio can hinder muscle gain

  • Cow's milk should not be consumed by humans

Now, if you look closely, we can see some truth to each statement right?

Let's look at the other side of the coin.

  • Carbs are good for you

  • Everyone should not eat breakfast in the morning

  • Long duration cardio can help promote muscle gain

  • Cow's milk should be consumed by humans

Same thing. These statements have some truth to them as well.

So who is right?

The answer is nobody (or everybody).

We cannot prove that any of these statements are 100 percent true or fact.

Show me a study proving your point and I'll show you 2 that disprove it.

This then leads us to overwhelm.

We fell into the trap of seeing everything as fact, and when we see 2 facts that contradicts each other our brain goes "wait that can't happen, something's wrong here!"

And we feel overwhelmed. We have no certainty.

The key to avoiding all of this is to spot all of the biases or things that we can't fully prove to be true.

Here's what to look for.

Words such as

  • Should

  • Have to

  • Good

  • Bad

These words expose a person's biases or beliefs.

In order for us to avoid overwhelm we must extract the truth (things that everyone can agree on), spot the biases and then consciously choose what you want to believe.

Here's a good example.

Sticking with cow's milk.

I am aware of a lot of the health benefits and risks around drinking cow's milk. I am aware of how my body physically handles the cow's milk. I also am aware of my personal preference towards the taste of cow's milk.

With all of this information and feedback, I can now make a decision for my self about cow's milk.

I am choosing to incorporate cow's milk into my diet because it serves me. Raw milk actually, but that's a different blog post.

And I like my reason(s) why.

All biases are optional. Make sure that you are properly vetting each one by seeing if they are actually serving you with the results that you want.

After that, no other person's opinion matters unless you want it to matter.

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