Benefits of Eating Slower And How To Know If You Are Eating Slow Enough?

How we eat is just as important as what and why we eat.

Many of us think that they we eat slow enough, but are unaware that we may actually be eating too fast.

Today we will address two questions.

  1. Are there benefits to slowing down while we eat?

  2. How can you tell if you are eating slow enough?


Slowing down our eating has a host of benefits.

Improved Digestion

When we eat slower we give our body a chance to digest food more effectively. The first stage of digestion occurs in the mouth, where our food gets chewed and broken down by the enzymes in our saliva. The faster we eat, the less time we are giving our body to begin the digestion process, therefore causing a negative chain reaction for each future process our food goes through in our body.

More Accurate Biofeedback

It takes roughly 20 minutes for our gut to send a message to our brain. Think about that. Slowing down allows our gut to send more accurate messages to our brain which will in turn cause us to eat less amounts of food until we reach satiety.

Improved Fat Loss

The less food we take in, the greater ability our body has of using our own body fat as an energy source and when that happens we can lose weight.

How do we know if we are eating slow enough?

A good guideline to use as a starting point is to try to spend about 20 seconds per bite, chewing your food.

This can be done by setting an alarm for 20 secs on your phone or stopwatch and then beginning by taking one bite of food and chewing it slowly for 20 seconds, without picking up another bite.

This can be challenging at first. It may seem very robotic and a bit weird. And that's normal.

This doesn't have to be done with every single bite of food that you take for the rest of your life, but it does bring awareness to how fast you are actually eating.

Bringing awareness to the speed at which we eat and then conciously making an effort to slow down a bit will have a dramatic impact on your health and fitness.

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