The First Area I Usually Address With My Clients Who Want to Lose Weight

Overwhelmed. Stuck. Frustrated. And a bit hopeless.

Countless amounts of time, money and energy spent.

And yet all we have is the feeling that we are right back to where we started.

This is how most people feel around weight loss. It's like a roller coaster. A roller coaster that leads most people in to giving up and accepting that they will never be able to permanently change their weight.

Knowing this, I approach my first conversation with my clients a bit differently than most.

My goal is not to spew what I believe is the right and only way to lose weight, but rather it is to listen and follow up with a strategy that addresses the root cause of whatever is holding the client back.

This may be different for each individual.

Which is great news, since we are all different.

However, I do find one area that people are mostly unaware of that is usually holding them back. Focusing on this area first usually...

  • Creates the most amount of change in the shortest amount of time

  • Addresses the root cause of the problem

  • Is easy to understand

  • And is easy to apply right now

I begin by helping my client get curious as to why they're eating.

Not what they're eating, why they're eating.

Many in the health and fitness realm put so much initial focus on what their client is eating that it usually backfires.

Eat this. Don't Eat this.

This type of advice can help in the short term, but crumbles in the long term. Not only has the client bypassed their own wisdom when it comes to making decisions on what to eat, but they also never address the root cause of why they are eating in the first place.

Here's the best part.

Without even changing what you eat, you will more than likely lose weight. Changing the amount of food that we eat dictates our body's weight as most people know.

But there is more good news.

The only thing that you need in order to do this is curiosity (and the hunger scale which I will talk more about later).

No calorie counting. No weighing your food. None of that.

Curiosity without judgement to be more specific.

This means uncovering the real reason why you are eating without beating yourself up.

This takes practice as does any skill, but the payoff is that you are building a relationship of trust with your body.

Now, this is only a third of the equation. What we eat and how we eat are crucial towards weight loss and are just as important as why we eat. All are equal.

But, I love to start here. Why we eat. It's simple and effective if taught correctly.

Get curious!

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