How to Approach Your New Year's Resolution

It's that time of year again. The time where people begin to think differently and muster up enough motivation to get back into a routine.

But we kind of all know how the script goes.

Motivated for a few weeks, then off for a few months.

Resolutions tend to be unsustainable for a few reasons.

  • The "plan" that you are following is either ineffective, unsustainable or not enjoyable... or maybe even a combination of all three.

  • You are unaware of how to create your results and take purposeful action.

"Plan-Based" programs are more prevalent around this time of year in order to take advantage of people desperate to create change. But as you probably know by now, they don't really... work.

The majority of the weight lost in these short duration programs is water weight (yes, yes fat is still lost, but not as much as you think on average).

Sustained fat loss if measured correctly, spans over the course of months, not days or weeks.


Here is how I suggest you approach your New Year's Resolution.

Progress over the "Plan".

This means taking a deep breath and not panicking about "having to lose all of the weight right now" so you can feel better.

Because the truth is that the weight is not making you feel self conscious. You aren't in any true physical pain. The pain you are in is caused by how you choose to view yourself and not by the actual weight.

And no "plan" will be able to fix that.

Relax. You will get to where you want to get to. But adopting the desperate "lose all my weight in two weeks" mindset will most likely prolong permanent progress.

Focusing on progress, developing skills and allowing yourself to be patient during this time will create long lasting change.

Hire a coach, ask questions and start seeing the results!

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