A Complete Breakdown on How to Change Nutritional Habits

The first step toward changing and adopting a new nutritional habit is collaboration. This is when the coach listens and does a lot more asking and a lot less telling, in order to meet the client where they're at.

But this isn't just asking questions for the sake of showing concern. It is asking questions with a purpose.

Finding the root cause of why the client isn't currently taking action. Figuring out what the client feels confident in doing, right now. And learning what the client actually enjoys eating (their own unique preferences).

All before offering a single piece of advice.

Unfortunately, most in the fitness industry have it backwards.

Tell first, listen later (maybe).

Once the client and coach have collaborated and formed a partnership, it is now time to formulate a strategy. A strategy that...

  • The client feels at least 9 out of 10 confident in doing.

  • Is clear, objective and precise.

  • (Think: Begin eating when you are at -2 on the hunger scale and then putting the fork down at +2 on the hunger scale.) This is a clear, concrete habit. There are no cracks that the client can misinterpret. Assuming that they have already been taught the hunger scale.

  • It is effective (based on current research, the coach's experience and expertise, all used as a starting point).

After a strategy has been formulated it is time to reverse engineer the habit. A.K.A break down the habit into small necessary skills needed to take action.


In order to create a salmon dish that you are trying to implement into your lifestyle, you must first know where to buy the salmon, have already planned and scheduled a time to pick up the salmon, what kind of salmon to look for and how to prepare the salmon.


These are all skills that are required in order to take the action (eat the salmon) and achieve the end result (lose body fat by eating a low processed food diet).

Most people can take the action, but lack the proper skills in order to get there.

I think that one of the most important things to takeaway is that it is imperative that the client (you) feel safe in asking questions. The more questions you ask the more your coach is going to be able to help you.

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