Why Most Health and Fitness Strategies Fail

Ask anyone and they have a general idea of what they should do in order to lose weight and feel better. So why is it that when most people go to get help, they end up leaving without the ability to maintain their results?

How come the solutions for helping us improve our health (aka lose weight permanently, get off medication and have healthy blood labs) all consist of have us following a preset plan for a preset duration of time.

A list of do's and don'ts for nutrition. A done for you supplement regiment. And often times an exercise protocol that spends little time addressing the individual's needs.

Why have all of these programs, competitions and challenges suddenly flooded the health and fitness industry?


It's An Easier Sell

Explaining to someone that they can get to where they want to get to in just "21 days" is a lot easier than the explanation consisting of "it depends". When people visualize that the light at the end of their dark tunnel is closer than they think and that there is a set expectation on when they will get there, people tend to buy.

It's Easier to Systematize and Automate

Having a preset program with do's and don'ts often means that there will be less time spent on trouble shooting, explaining and educating. Automation allows the people giving the program to help more people yes, but often times at the expense of providing person to person relations and face to face human connection.

It's Easier to Prescribe

It takes so much less time and energy to just tell someone what to do, compared to listening, collaborating and learning about an individual.

"Eat this, don't eat this" ignores a client's personal preferences and denies the ability for the client to feel like they are in this together with their coach.

We see this type of marketing everywhere.

Gyms. TV Commercials. Magazines. Social Media.

And yet most of us end up back to where we started at the end of these programs.


It is because these programs/plans/challenges/competitions do not address the root cause of why we do what we do or don't do in our daily lives.

We lack the structure for behavior change.

These programs that you see may offer the "what" but they never address the "why" for long term compliance. Which is why most people cannot sustain progress.

We need to know what works for us and then have the framework to execute that strategy no matter the circumstance.

That's it.

Have a great Monday!

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