How to Handle Guilt After Eating

Maybe you were hungry at the time or were just really craving something specific. Or maybe you were caught up in the moment, not really paying attention, and before you knew it you overate something you knew would make you feel not so good later. So how do we deal with the aftermath? The guilt, all or nothing thinking, frustration and negative self talk.

I have this motto called "Clean Slate. Next Play". I'll be the first one to tell you that I am not a big fan of generic positive self talk quotes, so sometimes I end up creating my own phrases that stick with me, and this is one of them. The last thing I want to hear from someone after I knowingly eat something that doesn't serve me is to "just think positive" about it. There is a BIG difference between thinking positive and thinking in a way that serves you and I think most people forget that.

"Clean Slate. Next Play" means that when you mess up you invest your focus on the immediate next play or action that best serves you, rather than spending that focus on what you can no longer control.

You are essentially saying to yourself:

"It happened. I will choose to learn from it. I gain more from focusing on my next action than focusing on my past, uncontrollable action and result".

Actions are created by emotions and emotions are created by your current thoughts or thinking. This is why the whole think positive rainbows and daises approach can actually make things worse for some people. Because they don't believe it. "Clean Slate. Next Play" is more neutral and therefore more effective.

One more thing. I am not saying to not look back at the past and deny yourself the opportunity to learn from it. That is how we learn and end up changing our behavior. The difference is why we are looking back at our past behavior. If we do it with the intentions of finding the root cause of our past actions instead of beating our self up, then that is something that serves us.

"Clean Slate. Next Play" applies to overeating, under exercising and a whole lot more. It's an alternative to beating yourself up and dwelling on what you cannot control. So the next time you eat something you know you shouldn't or end up stuffed without knowing how you got there, think Clean Slate. Next Play.

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