How Do I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat?

I get asked this question a lot. I'm going to give my answer in a series of thoughts. As with all of my material, I suggest that you do not view it as fact quite yet, but instead view it as a starting point from a guide on your journey. After all, nutrition overwhelm is created when we view everyone's opinions as facts on day 1, right?

Here is some information that I know based upon up to date research and my past client experiences:

  • The body can prioritize fat loss in specific areas if ideal hormonal and caloric conditions (of the client) are met.

  • Trying to target body fat in specific regions using an isolation exercise for that region would NOT rank as a highly effective strategy in my book. (Doing a ton of crunches in order to get rid of belly fat)

  • The belief "You need to work longer and harder to break through stubborn fat loss plateaus" is causing more harm than good in most cases.

  • Women are a bit more tricky than men, due to menopausal circumstances.

  • If I were to come up with an equation for accumulating or getting rid of stubborn fat, it would look something like this: Stress + Insulin Sensitivity + Hormonal Environment (If you're a woman think the changes around menopause)

  • Stress comes in many forms. Not limited just to feeling "stressed out". Exercise and the Environment are also forms of stress.

  • "Cycling" between two strategies in both nutrition and exercise can help a lot. For example: Spending 2 weeks exercising and eating a bit more followed by 2 weeks leisurely walking and eating less.

  • Becoming a detective AND having an effective strategy for you is crucial.

A few thoughts. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need some help.

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