Aerobic Training: Is It Worth Doing?

Many people get confused about what style of training they should be doing in order to achieve their health and fitness goals. Some people say that cardio is bad while others say it is completely necessary. Before you hear my take, let's first define what "aerobic training" really is.

Aerobic training would be considered any type of training that is below our anaerobic threshold (think of the feeling you get in your legs after holding a wall sit for a long time or the shortness of breath and burning in your lungs you get when your running as fast as you can for as long as you can).

Examples of aerobic training would be walking, jogging, going for a light bike ride and some very light resistance training (lifting weights).

Now a lot of people say that aerobic training is not very effective for achieving goals such as body fat reduction and muscle gain and I would say that they are mostly correct IF that is all that that person is doing. You see aerobic training can offer us tons of benefits such as the ability to reduce our cortisol levels, utilize body fat as an energy source and stabilize our hormones. In fact, aerobic training (specifically walking) does a phenomenal job of regulating the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is not a bad hormone, however when it is constantly being released by the body it can produce some unwanted side effects like making it really hard to get rid of stubborn female belly fat.

Aerobic training, when combined with anaerobic training can be super beneficial for anyone looking to improve their health, gain more energy, lose body fat and build muscle and is even more potent when paired with anaerobic training program.

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