The Most Underrated Part of Your Nutrition

When we think of the word Nutrition we usually think of 2 things. They are what we eat and when we eat. These 2 categories get much of the attention when we start talking about food and deservedly so, however 1 part of our nutrition that gets virtually none of the spotlight would be how we eat.

In basic terms, how we eat can be described as the amount of distractions that we have in front of us as we eat, the speed at which we chew and time it takes us to finish whatever is on our plates.

How we eat can influence how well our body will be able to digest and absorb our food along with how effectively our body can tell us when we have had enough. This is probably the number one, most important effect of the speed at which we eat. If we are eating at a rate that is too fast for our body to accurately process, then our body will not be able to accurately give us the feedback we need in order to make our decision on when to stop eating.

This is crucial, because if we are not on the same page as our body, then we will not be able to take in the correct amount of food. And if we are unable to do that then we will never be able to find our ideal weight. Not to mention produce energy and have our body delegate that energy to other processes rather than just to our stomachs.

One great piece of advice that is somewhat common, but extremely effective is to slow down. Slowing down the speed at which we eat allows our body and the enzymes it releases to do its job more effectively. Essentially they aren't being rushed to do their job like they were in the past. Slowing down, eliminating distractions and getting curious about all of the reasons we want to keep eating after satiety are all valuable strategies we have in order to master the "how" of how we eat.

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