3 Key Places to Start Looking When You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

One of the things that I always teach is to become a detective when it comes to your and health and fitness. A detective searches for clues, has an open mind and is always trying to fine tune what works best for him/her. A detective does not delegate their wisdom to any expert or guru, but rather gathers in all information (without overwhelm), takes what is useful and disregards what is not. With that said, here are some of the most common places to start looking when you have hit a bit of a weight loss plateau.

1) Get pin point precision on why you are eating.

We talked about this in a previous blog post and it is worth mentioning again and again. Most people want to focus on what they are eating which is crucial yes, but not everyone starts with why they are eating. In order to get that precision with your eating you only have to do one thing... get curious. All this means is asking yourself the question "why am I eating right now?" and not in an angry diet mentality tone, but with a tone of genuine curiosity and interest. Addressing why you eat, will eliminate a lot of issues when it comes to finding your ideal weight.

2) Hormonal Balance

This is a shady topic when it comes to health and fitness simply because not a lot of people know how big of a role hormones play in our bodies. Having hormonal balance allows your body to function at its highest level and when that happens, symptoms such as carrying around excess weight, feeling sleep deprived and having changes in mood go away. So how do we know if we are not in hormonal balance? Other than the few examples above, 3 of the best places to look are at your hunger, energy and cravings. Are you hungry all the time? Are you constantly drained of energy? Do you get cravings consistently? If any of these three categories are off, a hormonal in balance may be present. I could talk for a while about this, but the best way to get back into balance without getting too complicated is to listen to your body and adjust what, when, why and how you eat... along with how often you are exercising. Think Goldilocks. Not too much and not too little. Just right.

3) Leave Your Nutritional and Exercise Biases at the Door

I can't tell you how many people I have seen in the past that have a simple bias preventing them from reaching their goals. Including me! Here are a few examples:

"When you aren't seeing results, you must exercise harder. No pain, no gain."

"You shouldn't have carbohydrates at night."

"Always eat breakfast to speed up your metabolism."

" Food X is bad for you and food Y is good for you."

Biases will keep you stuck in a certain way of thinking which will in turn, keep you stuck in a certain way of doing and getting. None of which produces a new and desired outcome. The best way to get past all of this is that you must acquire the skill of learning how to spot a bias. We do this by asking one question. Is it true? Can we be absolutely sure that it is true?

If you cannot prove it in a court of law and not everyone can agree on it then the statement is simply an optional belief or bias. Remember, beliefs will either hurt you or serve you and are always optional. Once we link that these biases are optional and are not getting us the results that we want then we can choose to drop them.

These are just 3 places to start looking when you have hit a plateau. No matter what roadblock is in your way, there is always a way to break through it. All you need to do is to start thinking like a detective and not a dieter and do not give up.

Questions? Leave a comment below the Facebook post and I will be sure to respond... Or head on over to the Connect Page.

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