Why am I not achieving results?

We are at a time where the methods for helping people achieve long-term, sustainable health have become outdated and frankly not as effective as they could be. Here's a common scenario: Let's say that you have had enough of your current state of health, physique and emotional well-being and you decide to do something about it. Here are your options- Join a gym, hire a fitness professional, hire a nutrition coach, purchase an online or TV meal program, scour Youtube and try to do it yourself, try hypnosis or even sign yourself up for a 6 week this or 21 day that program guaranteed to get you results. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The problem with all of these potential solutions is that none of them address the root cause of why you are at where you are at nor do they give you the tools to create the result that you want and maintain it permanently. A gym membership is simply access to a facility, a fitness professional and nutrition coach rely on giving advice, online and TV programs are a band-aid for a lack of behavior change, and quick fix programs are just that, a quick fix. Now, I am not knocking anyone in the industry of helping others, we/they are all fantastic people! However, things could be better much better. And it starts with an having an open mind.

There is a combination of math and drama towards solving any problem. The math is simple, it is what you need to do in order to achieve your result. The drama is anything that is preventing you from taking action on the math. Now, the issue with every solution I stated above is that they all present a specific way of helping you with the "math" and that is not a very effective way of changing behavior and ensuring results.

"Eat more Broccoli!" they say, "Do more push-ups!", "Think more positively!", "All you have to do is follow the program and to make sure that you do, we'll through an incentive in at the very end!"

It's tiring to hear and can sometimes make us feel more hopeless than before we started. Pure advice is not the solution to solving this problem. An understanding of why we do or not do anything along with the ability to become our own experts is. If it was purely an advice issue, you would have achieved your goal already by using Google and Youtube videos and you would not be spending your time reading this blog post.

The solution does not lie within a celebrity's nutrition plan that she used to melt away 10 lbs in 10 mins, the solution to your problem is already in your brain. I don't give away nutrition plans simply because they are unnecessary. If you had to tell me what you would eat to get healthier and lose weight without using the answer "I don't know" you could tell me. That's not the issue. The issue is a little bit deeper. Why aren't you following your own advice? Let's start there.

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