Discover Your Reasons for Eating

The goal is to get extremely dialed in on what our bodies are telling us when it comes to eating. Many reasons other hunger end up being the deciding factor for picking up food and eating it. Boredom, stress, anxiety and a complete lack of focus are the most common. When we eat for any reason other than to honor a physical hunger cue we are not only putting an external form of stress on the body (in the form of food) but we also are hindering the relationship between ourselves and our body... and when that happens not too many good things come out of it.

Imagine that you went on a vacation from your body for 2 weeks and you asked your best friend to take care of it for you while you were gone. You'd give your friend instructions like "when it smells, wash it" and "trim its nails when they get too long"...

...but what about eating instructions?

Would you tell your best friend to "feed him when he gets stressed out at work" or "give him a bag of chips at 9:30 pm on the weekends when he gets bored" or even "make sure he finishes everything on his plate even though he says he's not hungry". Absolutely not, and yet that is exactly what most of us do in one form or another.

The relationship that you have with your body will ultimately determine your weight. So how do we take the next step towards only eating when we are physically hungry? Easy. Listen and get curious.

Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself the question: "What is my reason for eating this?" The goal is to have that reason align with what your body is physically telling you... but you have to get curious first, that's all it takes to start.

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