Why You Are Stuck

My whole journey of starting Structure was sparked by this void that I saw in the health and fitness service industry. I was amazed at how each person I worked with was so different yet so similar at the same time with what they struggled with. What interested me the most was why somebody did or did not do anything in their life. After all, if you happened to find what did work for you you would need to consistently take action to create and maintain those desired results. It really is that simple. Find what works for you and do it. Done... and yet we are at a time in history where stress is at an all time high, our time is perceived to be scarce and we have an excess of information that causes us to feel overwhelmed.

Things could be much better. People can be helped more effectively. Change can happen and it can be maintained permanently. We can all find and maintain our ideal weight. We can absolutely learn how to create any emotion, action and result in our lives. And, it doesn't have to be that difficult. We just have to learn how.

Structure is a physical place no doubt, but it is so much more than a personal training studio (new location in East Aurora by the way). The Structure you must learn in order to create all of these results is a tool. This tool is a simple acronym: CTFAR. Which stands for Circumstance, Thought, Feeling, Action, Result. This acronym represents a grid or filter for anything that you are struggling with in your life and it helps you solve any problem you have in your life. Whether it is your weight, your mood, your procrastination, or that little voice in your head that won't shut up. The Structure is something that you can learn and take with you outside of the gym and use in your everyday life. I will dive much much deeper into teaching you this structure in nearly every upcoming blog post as I see this as my main avenue to teach and help all of you guys out.

The first thing you have to understand is that if you are feeling stuck and do not have the result that you are after, the root of your being stuck can always be pinpointed at what you are currently thinking. All of your actions are driven by what you are feeling i.e. Sad, Angry, Happy, Stuck, Confident - and these emotions are always 100% of the time created by a simple sentence in our head or a thought. This thought is either created consciously (on purpose) or unconsciously (under no supervision). If you are consciously aware of what is going on in your head then you absolutely have the ability to create the result that you want on purpose. Remember, there is math and drama to any problem worth being solved. The math is simple and the drama can be gone with the use of some structure.

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