The Most Important Thing Everyone Needs for Results

A nutrition plan? An exercise regime? A kick in the ass? Although these are some of the most common tools and tactics used to help someone produce results, they all miss the point of the most important thing you need to get results... And that is a relationship.

Now, don't mistake this as trying to find someone to hold you accountable. That is not what I mean. The only person who can hold you accountable is yourself. What I mean by having a relationship is to find someone who's got your back, who would drop anything to help you and does a lot more asking and a lot less telling when you are stuck and searching for help. Having a relationship with somebody is the foundation and the backbone for truly get results. No amount of money spent on a meal plan or exercise regime can replace it.

This relationship can come in the form of a coach, a friend, a spouse, a co worker and more. There are no qualifications other than you must feel like you are being lead when you are around them.

Along with this comes the need for human connection... Advancements in technology have helped us extend our reach with our ideas and create new avenues that we did not have years ago. But the abundance of new technology has done a horrible job of creating human connection. Rarely do we see people have face to face conversations any more. These conversations have turned into black and white, virtual and emotion-less text messages and status posts. While this type of communication does allow us more convenience and efficiency, it replaces the opportunity for human connection and when that happens, relationships suffer.

Results are the culmination of our actions, and when we have a solid foundation of relationships then our actions and results will start to change.

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