The Celery Test

Decisions. How can we make decisions without feeling overwhelm before and regret after? Most of the time when we get stuck we go around seeking somebody else's opinion for help... and when this happens, this is a sign that we are unclear on what we ourselves believe. We are unclear on what we stand for and at the same time fear uncertainty. So what can we do to help us make decisions easier?

Well, I see nothing wrong with asking for somebody else's opinion when it comes to advice as long as there is a clear backbone in place for making decisions... and I see this backbone lacking in people struggling with figuring out what to eat for example. This "backbone" is merely a filter to help you make decisions effortlessly and without regret. To paint a picture for you, I will use the Celery Test. Imagine that you are a small business owner at a networking party and you want to learn what to sell in your business to your clients.

One guy walks up to you and starts talking about M&M's. He says "Dude, you have to get in on the M&M market, it is the only way you will ever get clients!"

Another lady walks up and says "Potato Chips, Everyone loves Potato Chips. You would be an idiot to not sell potato chips in your business!"

Finally the last gentleman you meet suggests "Celery! In this economy, the only way you will ever survive is by selling Celery to your clients!"

Overwhelmed and confused, you go to the grocery store and proceed to buy m&ms, potato chips and celery. Not only are you frustrated but you start to get some weird looks from other grocery shoppers regarding your sharp contrast in groceries.

Now, quickly jump into the perspective of one of the other grocery shoppers looking your way. They have no idea what you believe! They're thinking "does this person value their health or not, i can't tell?!"

With that being said, let's rewind to the beginning of the story and say that before you even went to the networking party you knew and were crystal clear that you were a person who values their health high and enjoys helping others who value their health as well. All of a sudden the mass amounts of advice you received from those at the dinner party doesn't seem so overwhelming. And now when you go to the grocery store after the party you decide to pick up only celery and proceed to the checkout... but this time on your walk a lady comes up to you and starts talking. She is also carrying celery. She says "Nice you went with the organic brand, I can't stand the pesticides either." Congrationulations. You just made a friend and possibly found your first customer!

All of this happened, because you were clear on what you believed and when this happens you not only have a filter to use when it comes to decision making but you are also so much more visible to other people who believe what you believe. Which is great when you are trying to make friends, get clients etc.

Remember, all beliefs are optional, but that doesn't mean that you can't strongly take a stand and show others. Just make sure it is serving you, that's all.

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