Responsibility Leads to Results

Any result you want can be created with the right formula and execution. It is that simple. Stubborn body fat, muscle gain, better mile time, finish a marathon and yes just simply feeling happy and content are all possible when you have a road map to get there along with the right tools and skills to take action. But there are bumps in the road, right? Good bumps though. Bumps that are preset to challenge you and progress you to the ideal version of yourself.

A bump is simply an opportunity to identify an emotion, process it, learn from it and execute. You are either evolving or devolving. Every single time you are experiencing frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness, lack of motivation, pain or any other uncomfortable emotion - you must try to instantaneously take responsibility for it. Don't try to fix it, numb it, get angry, eat it away, exercise it away or shop it away, merely acknowledge that you created it. It was meant to happen because it's happening.

I bring up "emotion" a lot during these posts because the fact is is that your ability to process emotions will determine your results. Plain and simple. The current methods of helping someone achieve results in today's world of health and fitness falls short in my opinion. Advice doesn't cut it anymore for most people, and the fast moving quick fix, challenge-based solutions are taking over the industry all while ignoring the root cause.

But I have been in the industry long enough and have had my fair share of bumps in the road to know that those methods are just "ok" and that there is a much better way of creating results and it starts with self coaching.

The results you create are produced by a culmination of actions and in actions. Every single action or inaction is driven by your emotions. Every damn one. All of them. What ever you did today was driven out of an emotion. You picked up your kids, because you felt obligated to. You went to the gym because you felt motivated. You gave the guy ringing the salvation army bell a dollar because you didn't want to feel the emotion of guilt. You name it, everything we do is driven out of emotion.

A key indicator of disconnect from yourself is when you try to look for something external when a "bump" arises. When you do this, you are blocking yourself from the opportunity to process emotion. Doing this completely denies your ability to be yourself. Think about it. How much time are you spending throughout your day being someone who you don't want to be or doing something that you don't want to do or getting a result that you don't want to get. All due to the inability to process a one word vibration in your body. But it's not your fault, nobody has really showed you how.

A funny thing happens when you take full responsibility of what you are experiencing. You learn. You allow yourself the ability to grow, progress and suck and feel like shit. And then progress. You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to allow it to be there and take full responsibility for it, when it pops up.

Good things happen when you take full responsibility. The math becomes easier. You are being yourself while carrying around an emotion and not the other way around. And, You create the results that you want it life, which is the best part.

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